Better Way

"There must be a

better way..."

"There must be a better way..."

Better than the usual long, expensive and off-target projects

This is the ethos underpinning our pragmatic, agile and holistic methodology

We have spent 20 years finding and honing that “better way” that cuts through the hype to deliver practical results.

What We Find

"Pace and accuracy of development is vital; in a fast moving environment, learning ‘on-the-job’ can be disastrous..."

"Getting value from data requires a combination of skills working together in an agile way; commercial, operational, technology, data engineering & data science..."

"Access to a scalable, secure infrastructure and effective data analytics management processes..."

When solving new problems, we halve the time and effort between the first and second attempt, eradicating errors on the way, whilst leveraging our experience and library of scripts, code and algorithms, built up over years of development. These digital assets are not readily available to businesses looking to do it ‘in house’ with consequential delays, budget over-runs and poor user experience.

Just like an orchestra needing a combination of instruments to play great symphonies, true digital solutions need a variety of capabilities working harmoniously.

Companies often believe they only need to recruit some data scientists to solve a problem. 18 months later they realise they have misunderstood the true nature of the problem and the variety of skills required.

Well managed data is a great asset to a business, but otherwise a liability.

Although cloud analytics platforms and BI tools are readily available, they lack the library of scripts, tools and processes that can repeatably, accurately and securely convert raw data from multiple sources and types into valuable insights to drive effective decisions.

"Most people think they are data-driven until the data disagrees with their gut feel..."

"Don’t start with the data when looking at analytics..."

"Static analytics create a major risk to business decisions..."

Sometimes the opinion of the loudest person in a meeting holds sway against all the evidence or multiple versions of ‘The Truth’ deflecting the meeting. There needs to be a balance with hard-earned experience checked against data and analytics checked against gut feel.

Waiting for perfect data before progressing your digital and analytics agenda is a lost opportunity. The data lake may sound appealing as the business tries to get a grip of its data quality, but the reality is despite cheap cloud storage, the effort to map and cleanse all the data is uneconomic. The business rarely uses the data in a meaningful way.

One automotive OEM had a massive data lake but couldn’t unlock the insights into their growing warranty and quality costs, as the data was too unstructured. We added an analytics layer using NLP to common themes in the free text, in multiple languages.

We believe in creating a culture and environment of exploration and experiments; where scenarios can be identified, modelled, tested, reviewed and improved.

The most successful companies are running multiple data led experiments in the background

"Operating wholly remotely is a long established way of working for our team..."

"Experience of delivering 100+ projects..."

"Pragmatic, problem-solving entrepreneurialism..."

We’re not hampered by Covid-19 restrictions, scrambling to amend how we work. One of our multi-year projects was delivered without ever physically meeting the client.

We have core teams in our main UK and US offices, but several of our team live and work remotely in South Africa, Hungary, Portugal and even Armenia.

We have built a technical and business knowledge base from working across multiple sectors and covering multiple business problems.

For example, we have drawn on many of our past projects and team’s skills to create an end to end micro-credit and payment solution for developing markets, working with local business partners, plus our data scientists, technology developers, data engineers and business consultants

We are experts in the whole data value chain – we have regularly solved problems for clients, as the last resort, where others had failed or over-engineered the approach.

Some examples; visualising turbine performance, complex travel yield management, identifying complexity in supply chains, pricing tools, forecasting food harvest and predicting maintenance patterns for critical transport infrastructure

A Better Way

By bringing a mix of skills, capabilities and expertise to a project we can accelerate project delivery with the right focus, knowledge and outcome.

Data Engineers, Analysts & Scientists
Management Consulting & Business Expertise
Technology Expertise, Developers, Architects

We bridge deep consulting and business understanding  to quickly establish key objectives and challenges and then align these with strong data & technical skills. Our methodology firstly extracts, integrates & generates insight but then also supports how to implement and operationalise.

Our Process

Our process is both business and technically led which accelerates time-to-value results. It includes rapid prototypes, pilots and digital experimentation while reducing cost and risk.


Roland Mosimann

In 1995, Roland and Dr. Richard Connelly founded Business Intelligence International (now AlignAlytics) to develop winning solutions for business leaders worldwide. Today, Roland leads the company's focus to help companies increase performance and manage risk by using Alignment Analytics to enhance business analytics and bring together people, process, information and technology. Roland was previously a member of the Executive Board of the World Economic Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, and a consultant with McKinsey & Company in Zurich.

He co-authored many books that continue to guide the industry, including The Multidimensional Manager: 24 Ways to Impact Your Bottom Line in 90 Days and the renowned series, The Performance Manager: Proven Strategies for Turning Information into Higher Business Performance. These books address performance management for banking, insurance, retail, life sciences and government. Roland has an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a BS in Economics from The London School of Economics.

Steve Whant

Steve Whant is our Group CFO and doubles as project lead on many Client and business partner engagements. Steve leads the development of our Active Peformance Management solution guiding Global client organisations through the associated change management process. Steve is passionate about solving complex problems with simple and elegant solutions using all of the Align-Alytics capabilities.

Steve is also CFO of our emerging O2C (‘Order-to-Cash’) optimiser Correlaction B.V. working closely with our Partners for the rapidly growing solutions currently in development. Prior to starting PMSI & AA Steve was in Strategy at Bain and Finance at Ford Motor Co.

Patrick Mosimann

Patrick Mosimann as CEO has led major client engagements involved in strategic, operational and analytical solutions over many years.

He is a seasoned performance management practitioner with extensive experience in developing business-led solutions that support decision makers.

Patrick brings a hands-on approach to all client relationships, while delivering leadership and support for project teams through his intimate knowledge of digital solutions in pricing, operations and supply chain supported by predictive and advanced analytics.

His industry experience covers manufacturing, consumer goods, retail and services sectors.

Patrick co-authored The Performance Manager for IBM (Cognos) and True Profitability (How to Master Complexity). He is Swiss, speaks English, French and Swedish and has an MBA from Wharton Business School

William D. Bridgers

William Bridgers leads business development efforts in the U.S. Bill is a seasoned business development executive with experience in building strategic partnerships, completing mergers and acquisitions and building customer relationships. Bill has been a partner in a venture fund, as well as having senior management and board experience, touching all aspects of company management, governance and oversight.

Bill’s focus for AlignAlytics is to build sales channels with software and services businesses who bring access to customers and where AlignAlytics’ analytics solutions drive insights and value for our partners’ customers.

Nicolas Meyer

Prior to joining the PMSI London office in 1996, Nicolas worked in the finance departments at Europcar UK and Triton Europe plc, an independent oil and gas exploration company and subsidiary of Triton Energy Corporation in the USA.

Based in Perth, Australia since 2000, Nicolas works on a variety of strategic insight programmes for clients across the South East Asian markets. Working closely with Align Alytics' analyst team in London and our technology partner, Eduka Solutions in Australia, Nicolas drives successful client projects across utilities, financial services, insurance and government sectors.

Rick Bosman

Rik spent 20+ years with Unilever, with last roles as Chairman Unilever Francophone West Africa and Senior Vice President Global Customer Development. Currently runs Bernard & Cie, which specializes in the interaction between Retail & Manufacturer business models, notably in complex markets. Bernard & Cie currently does a lot of Strategy into Action work globally, in the areas of value chain modelling, distributor management, trade terms and efficient Route to Market.

In addition, Bernard & Cie has a joint venture (Correlaction) with PMSI Consulting, a data integration consultancy: together spanning the information cycle from data to information to insight to action to result, and then back into data.

Roger Ayers

With a background in Strategy and Operations, Roger leads our consulting capability, as well as forming partnerships with ambitious management consultancies. Roger has shop floor experience of driving change in factories, mines, processing plants, construction sites and engineering firms across Europe and the Middle East, as well as working on major transactions and commercial transformations. His breadth of experience and approach enables AlignAlytics to blend the technical and analytical with the business fundamentals and drivers of client opportunities.

David Crout

David is the Managing Partner at PMSI Strategy LLP, having led the CDD team since 2005. David has managed well over a hundred CDD and strategy projects spanning many sectors, including building products, social housing, energy/environmental and alcoholic beverage (amongst others).

David's career prior to PMSI included five years at KPMG, as well as roles at IRI and Air Products. He holds a first in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge and an MBA from Henley Management College.

Karel Leeflang

Karel is one of the founding members of StrategyPod, powered by AlignAlytics. This unique strategy consultancy specializes in explicitly linking the design of a company's organizational capital to innovation and creating sustainable shareholder value. He is responsible for managing our business across Europe, Africa and the Middle East and leads the Global Consumer Industry Practice. Karel is a Swiss/Dutch national and has lived and worked in a number of different countries on 3 continents.

He has previously worked for a number of global companies including RJR Nabisco, Cadbury Schweppes, Unilever and Barclays Bank. His global accountability provided experience in working across 80+ countries.

Meet The Team

Alongside our experienced leadership we have a fantastic team made up of Data Engineers, Analysts, Scientists, Consultants, Developers and Solution Architects. Our wide range of skills, capabilities and expertise is the key to delivering practical results. It’s a team that can operate wholly remotely with core teams in our main UK and US offices, but several of our team live and work remotely in South Africa, Hungary, Portugal and even Armenia.



PMSI originated as a strategy consulting company covering a wide range strategic assignments
Increasing emphasis on data & analytics
Use of BI applications to drive business led decisions
Solution & application development in key business areas: Finance, Sales, Pricing
Development of Alytic application for fast insight & data storytelling
BII originated as a BI solution strategist and developed Align as a repository for industry & performance models
Align GRC for SOX & Regulatory Compliance
Internal Audit & ERM
Analytics Strategy & Road Map
Big 4 version for Business Analytics practice launch
Merger of Align-Alytics & PMSI
Solution & application development in Route to Market, Supply Chain
Development of ‘Active Performance Mgmt’, ‘True Profitability’ & Cost to serve methodology
Scenario & AI modeling application for Pricing, Operations, Cost to serve, BOM, Complexity Mgmt
Tax version developed for substance and evidence use
Big 4 version for Industry Practice Development & Management
Scenario modeling & portfolio mgt added for strategy mgt & peer group analytics