Sales Align provides rich data for prospecting. A targeting tool that optimizes the sales focus.

Efficiently targeting growth remains a challenge. You need the right outlet information and a way to organize, segment and prioritize the opportunity spaces.

Buying data sets usually provides data that is quite poor. Even if you have the right data, how do you assess your coverage and plan your priorities?

Sales Align

Sales Market

With c. 2m outlets mapped across Europe Sales Align is a tool for collaborative sales prospecting, targeting and campaign management. All the while supporting an aligned and informed approach to strategic decision-making.

Sales Align enables:

  • Better Targeting with Rich data & Vibrancy Metrics – Indicators of popularity, Accurate locations, keywords, descriptions & images
  • Sales PrioritisationSocial metrics & trending shows what is popular.
  • Manage Outlet ChurnFrequent updates ensures awareness of closed & new outlets
  • Optimised focus with Segmentation
  • Actionable Strategy – Plan how to grow by segment, target occasions and optimise call lists

Impact: Saving time focusing on outlets that matter
Ignoring churned outlets (6-8%) and focusing on better priorities = time/cost saving + higher potential sales

Key Features

Rich Data & Vibrancy Metrics

A more effective CRM prospecting database driven by rich data from multiple sources.

Easy and clear interaction with data and regular updates to ensure outlet “churn” is managed.

Vibrancy and social metrics are used to determine priority outlets.

Custom Territories & Targets

With Territory Optimisation outline sales territories with interactive shapes and maps. Assign territories to sales reps.

Using key words searches from reviews to determine Custom Targeting e.g. “cocktail” and align with marketing needs.

Filtering & Segmentation

Custom target outlet lists that fit certain profiles.

Use Quick or Advanced filters to select outlets by type, priority, social media rank etc.

Save your prioritised prospecting lists and custom segments as Campaigns. Share with sales reps & monitor progress.

Watch the Sales Align overview video