"Digital innovation with data and analytics can create major value when core capabilities in operational efficiency and future growth are well aligned."

All our services are designed for agility and speed whether extending one of our Solutions, leveraging the Analytics Lab for innovation or simply gaining analytical insight on specific issues.

Our core competence is data and technology for business analysis and problem solving. We seamlessly combine data science, analysis and storytelling, to deliver practical and innovative analytics.

Leveraging The Analytics Lab

Rapid Prototyping & Managed Services

Our agile methodology for custom solutions minimizes client learning time. We reduce the risks of innovation by combining our proven knowledge base with quick learning from doing and iterative feedback.

Our managed solutions services bundles advisory support with enabling technology to simplify access to actionable insight.

Predefined Solutions

These powerful analytics solutions with tailored algorithms were developed from experience and can be quickly deployed with a limited amount of configuration.

Each solution stands on its own but can be connected to our other solutions across an organization to break down silos and accelerate decision-making.

Solution Partnerships

These leverage AlignAlytics' strengths in analytics and partners' in-depth understanding of a particular industry need for improved insight.

With the best of our combined capabilities; technological, analytical, entrepreneurial and knowledge together we develop unique analytics solutions that meet real business challenges.

Main Solution Partnerships

Key 360 Advisors

Our partnership with Key 360 Advisors is focused on the travel industry and Competitive Tour Monitoring for which we have developed a unique analytical travel solution.


AlignAlytics is a long-standing IBM strategic partner with 20 year history of thought leadership in analytics, with authorship of multiple books as well as business frameworks, and business simulations and workshops.


Our partnership with Strategypod is focused on strategy, innovation and organization alignment. Together we have developed our analytics-based scenario modeling tool, Strat Align.

Luzio Strategy Group

Our partnership with Luzio Strategy Group, one of Brazil’s leading strategy consulting firms, encompasses analytics support of both strategic and operational engagements.

The Value Framework

In today's disruptive model, data and analysis is increasingly playing a key role in determining future value. Value creation is no longer a linear process and data & analytics are the key components in today’s drivers of value; efficiency, capability and innovation.

Our approach is that an optimal mix of these main drivers of value delivers an aligned and balanced value framework. Your future business depends on innovation and growth and current business on operating more effectively and efficiently. However, these areas will only be truly successful if aligned with your people and organisation to develop strong value-driven capabilities.