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When you have a critical business challenge to solve that requires the application of analytical techniques it can be difficult to find the right answers or even ask the right questions.

Actionable insight and answers are in your data, but they’re complex to extract, interpret and communicate. Specialized acumen is required to bring together data integration and transformation expertise with deep business analysis and storytelling ability. With Data Scientists for hire you can solve a complex problem in a significantly faster time frame and liberate employee resources.

Whether you want to solve a particular data problem, extend your analytical team or use us to help you create one, our flexible and agile service can address all your analytical needs.

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Rapid Solution Prototyping

With an assumption driven approach focusing on a particular problem area this service rapidly captures the essence of your ideas in useable prototype form using your data. These assumptions are validated by you and the prototype is developed iteratively based on feedback.

Our approach allows you to go through the prototype, pilot and production stages of constructing your tailored solution swiftly, depending on your requirements. Our flexible method enables you to stop development and make appropriate changes at any time or alternatively go into production as soon as possible.

This service ensures clarity in aligning your requirements with what we deliver which may evolve due to changes in the market, your strategy or short term project aims.

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Analytics Dashboard Design

Leveraging dashboards is about more than having the right technology. It requires clear design principles that recognize user roles and the ‘story’ inherent in data in selecting the right dimensions, metrics and visualizations so that users get the information they need to do their job, according to their roles and levels in an organization.

AlignAlytics has refined our dashboard design techniques over many projects and understand how to build dashboards that become embedded in the way people work.

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Analytics Strategy

Your Analytics Strategy starts with being aligned with business priorities:

  • Performance Drivers: Which drivers of value are most important?
  • KPIs: How would you measure performance of those drivers?
  • Decision Areas: What decisions impact those drivers?
  • Analytic Asset: What analytics provide insights for these decisions?
  • Information Supply Chain: What information is needed for these analytics?
  • Collaboration Roles: Who is in the ‘decision network’?
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Lean Analytics Capability Enablement (ACE)

Lean ACE builds a program with defined, evolving stages to increase the analytics capability and return on investment while reducing risk. Rarely does a ‘big bang’ approach work, instead we help you Think Big. Start Small. The key is to start with delivering Value to the business whose buy-in is the most critical factor in success. This approach will also accelerate a knowledge transfer opportunity for both consumers and your community of practice.

Facilitated by our ACE Align repository tool we can help you create a virtual and structured team of people within your organization who work cross-functionally to enable analytic excellence. Our services can support the ACE Lifecycle.

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