Leadership = Alignment


What does alignment mean?

If I put my communications hat on, it means we’re all singing off the same page.
If I put my digital hat on, it can mean something akin to single-sign-on.
If I put my data hat on, it means a normalised database. (Or these days, does it!?)

But it actually all leads to action.

So could it be that the definition of alignment constantly changes? Depending on what action is needed by every different role in the story?

Or is that a paradox? How can effective action be achieved if alignment is constantly changing?

Or is that why leadership is not for the faint hearted. Knowing how to create truly effective alignment means having more than one perspective. And that’s a lot of data for true insight.

I’m rapidly learning at AlignAlytics that insight can deliver many different perspectives but success can only come from a true appreciation of alignment.

Author: Pamela Edmond

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