Increase profits, customer face-time, pricing visibility and eliminate needless spreadsheets with Price Align B2B software.

  • Manage full pricing lifecycle
  • Embed pricing strategy into daily operations
  • Implement an analytical approach to pricing
applications Price Align screenshot

Sales Align lets users view and prioritise sales targets with the aid of external online data integration and dynamic easy to use maps.

  • Create intelligent map / data based sales territories
  • Tag, prioritise and comment on potential sales targets
  • Manage sales campaigns
applications Sales Align screenshot

We’ve taken the complex analytics that reside in finance and moved them into a database model and set of visualizations that lets users, throughout the business, understand the real drivers of change.

  • Create scorecards, exception reports and benchmarking models to drive
    profitability change
  • Build financial volume, sales, mix analysis into BI capabilities
  • Quantify the bottom line impact of pricing changes
applications Profitability Analytics screenshot

Strat Align helps the senior executive team with key resource allocation decisions in Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations.

  • Portfolio analytics for strategic management lets users evaluate portfolio mix, TSR sum-of-parts and M&A deals.
  • Refine target setting and earnings prep with ‘what if’ scenarios across critical assumptions
  • Understand the impact on company valuations from growth changes, share buy-backs or P/E multipliers.

Alytic helps simplify exploring your data and presenting insights, stories and actions.

  • Create beautiful data driven presentations
  • Explore data with simple to use online pivot tables
  • Share presentations with team / clients
applications Alytic screenshot

The backbone of the Align GRC platform is a unified enterprise map, the Align Framework, which utilizes a flexible database to capture siloed information about people, processes, systems and unifies them with strategies, risks and performance goals.

  • Adjusts easily to any company’s unique structure and required regulations or standards
  • Coordinates content across Strategy, Enterprise Risk, IT, Business Process
  • Embedded workflow simplifies the framework evaluation and modification process

Transforms your organisation’s substance position.

  • Provides clarity on where the business truly generates value, using an analytics Centre of Excellence, all while improving overall performance
  • Supports the development of an organisational design model fit-for-purpose, alongside your tax structure
  • And fully supports OECD inclusive framework obligations and BEPS evidence support.


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