"There is where we take what we've learnt; combine it with what you know; and develop, test, refine and test again until we achieve proven, suistainable value."

The cloud based lab is where agile development is perfected and supports our analytic solutions and services. It delivers innovation to the breadth of challenges our clients are facing in this age of digital disruption.

Agile Process For Rapid Results

Agile Process

The lab is a different breed from traditional software solutions. It amplifies your data and technology assets, incubates your analytic innovations and accelerates time-to-value with rapid prototypes, pilots and digital experimentation while reducing cost and risk.

Three Key Lab Enablers


With our extensive library of algorithms analytic data structures, ETLs and visual designs combined with our data, tech and strategic experience we optimize the right analytics approach to any business challenge.  


Our strength and experience in data and technology for business helps you leverage suitable novel capabilities in the fast-evolving technical landscape to unlock opportunities.


Our people are the key to our success. With experienced solution architects, working alongside analysts, data scientists and business leaders, the Lab is where great minds meet.

Cloud Development Platform

On our Cloud Development Platform we can undertake everything from data ingestion, integration, enrichment and modelling through to visualization and user interface; delivering clients robust structures, repeatable algorithms and, most importantly, sustainable results.


Although the Analytics Lab will deliver insight across multiple data visualization platforms, our discovery, testing and evaluation is always initially undertaken on our own storyboard analytics and visualisation platform Alytic.io.

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