Our extensive library of algorithms, analytic data structures, ETLs and visual designs never stop. We combine our strategic, tech and data experience to optimize the right analytics approach to any business challenge, decision and action required – each with tailored precision and agile delivery.

Technology & Open Source

Our core competence is data and technology in the service of business. With the technical landscape evolving so fast, our integrated strategy and technology perspective helps you leverage these novel capabilities to unlock untapped opportunities and guide your infrastructure road map.


Our people are the key to our success. With experienced solution architects, working alongside analysts, data scientists and business leaders, the Lab is where great minds meet.

The lab can amplify your data and technology assets, incubate your analytic innovations and accelerate ‘time-to-value’ with; rapid prototypes, pilots, configuration, extensions and digital experimentation. It delivers rapid insights fit for action, which reduces cost and risk, and supports sustainable implementation throughout.

Agile Development Process

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All this work is undertaken on our proprietary Cloud Development Platform. Here we can undertake everything from data ingestion, integration, enrichment and modelling through to visualization and user interface; delivering clients robust structures, repeatable algorithms and, most importantly, sustainable results.

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Although the Analytics Lab will deliver insight across multiple data visualization platforms, our discovery, testing and evaluation is always initially undertaken on


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