We leave behind solutions that exceed our clients expectations

When we start a project we are constantly questioning the value that we can add to our client. We aim to build solutions that focus on their requirements rather than pushing products and projects with high costs and risky returns. We also deliver fast - many customers form long-term partnerships which are based upon rapid iteration cycles that mean we are constantly proving and testing the value of our output. If we're doing the right things we keep going, if we're losing sight of the real value then we will quickly change course.

We talk business, technical and most importantly, common sense

Our team is made up of experienced data scientists and industry specialists who blend the technical know-how needed to wrestle with today's data problems with the commercial experience that makes sense in the real world. The solutions we build must add value that supports top-level strategies whilst being flexible enough to handle real world data, with its inherent structural and cleanliness issues.

Lean Analytics Methodology

We have developed a lean analytics methodology which can deliver rapid prototyping of your solution. Quick series of iterations and feedback sessions ensure we have it right and minimise learning time.
  1. Assumption driven approach focusing on problem area
  2. Rapidly capture essence of ideas in useable prototype form
  3. Workshop driven validation to keep pace of project and validate assumptions
  4. Quick iteration cycles enable us to integrate feedback into improved prototype
  5. Eliminate ambiguity from requirements to deliverables

AlignAlytics merges 3 types of expertise that allow us to consistently build solutions for our customers that generate on-going value and insights.

The business and analytics circles mean that we blend our analytics skills (SQL, Python, R, SPSS, Cognos, ElasticSearch...) with commercial knowledge from working in industires such as manufacturing, insurance, banking, medical devices, travel, food and beverages, retail and education. This allows us to quickly rollout and customize solutions to meet our customers' requirements.

Finally our software circle means that we move beyond one-off projects that deliver initial insights but fail to generate on-going benefits. Our solutions become integral parts of our customers BI capabilities either as an add-on to their existing technologies or as a stand along tool aimed at a particular business requirement.

Industry Knowledge

We've completed projects in a variety of different industries, each with their own unique data challenges. Recent projects have touched upon pricing in the medical devices industry, forecasting within manufacturing, client loss in insurance, customer segmentation in food and beverages, inventory analysis in the travel industry, HR dashboarding at a top university and metric design and dashboarding in the banking sector.
We manage this variety by having a great team, a set of tools and methodologies that gives us a head start in most situations and an ability to work well with our customers to come up with solutions that work for them.

Technical Toolkit

AlignAlytics has developed its analytical calpabilities over the years tackling data structures and size rangeing from messy and fragmented spreadsheets up to terabytes of web harvested data. To tackle these issues we've used a variety hardware, languages and tools such as; SQL, NoSQL, Elastic Search, TM1, Python, .Net, SPSS, D3.JS, SSIS, Cognos and R

Data Integration

Whilst everyone wants to talk about statistical models or user interface options that support advanced analytics, the reality is that around 80% of our time is still spent working with the data to get it ready for analysis. We’ve managed to tackle a huge range of issues in this area such as:
  1. Cleaning up customer hierarchies
  2. Building out new product dimensionality
  3. Sourcing and storing huge amounts of web data and then combining it with traditional ERP data
  1. Linking survey data onto sales data
  2. Building Data Marts that move companies beyond the types of analysis that their traditional Data Warehouse supports
  3. Building algorithms to identify suspect data in areas such as geo-mapping


Dimple.js is our open-source project that offers a charting API for business analytics powered by d3. It lets you quickly and easily create and combine bar, line, area and scatter charts. The aim of dimple is to open up the power and flexibility of d3 to analysts whilst maintaining a gentle learning curve and minimal code to achieve something productive. It exposes the d3 objects so that anyone can pick them up and run with them to create some amazing charts. We also utilise the valuable and publicly available capability dimple.js provides in-house for some of our own solutions and applications.

Thought Leadership in Analytics - A 20 year history

AlignAlytics is a long-standing IBM strategic partner with 20 year history of thought leadership in analytics, with authorship of multiple books and business frameworks.

  1. The Multidimensional Manager (1996)
  2. The Performance Manager (2007)
  3. Business Intelligence Strategy (2011)
  4. 5 Keys to Business Analytics Success (2012)

As well as business simulations and workshops :

  1. The BI University (1998)
  2. The Business Analytics Experience, BAE, (2010) – conducted globally for IBM
  3. The Business Alignment Strategy Experience, BASE, (2012) – conducted globally for IBM

Our History

Early experiences in manually intensive, data-driven analysis with firms like McKinsey and Bain led to a conviction; "there has to be a better way" to provide profound, sustained insights for decision-making – reports have a short shelf life.

Since then we have enjoyed a 25 year track record of innovation in applied analytics, having delivered countless solutions to companies worldwide and advised leading vendors on creating solution value, notably Cognos/IBM. Over this period we have also gained extensive, practical experience in overcoming organizational challenges to analytics excellence. In particular we recognize the importance of achieving 'alignment' between strategic and financial goals and operational execution, as well as between business imperatives and IT complexities.

We have worldwide reach with consultants and data scientists in various parts of the globe. Our headquarters are based in Pennsylvania, United States with our data science lab located in the United Kingdom and operations teams in South Africa, Australia and Europe.

The 90's

Our company starts out as a group of ex consultants formed from companies such as Bain, McKinsey and focuses on strategy consulting, market intelligence and commercial due diligence.

The noughties

We focus on projects where we are solving data driven problems that support client strategies. Our team grows to include database and statistical experts who build models that let our clients get to insights that they couldn't previously access.

The twenty-tens

Using our experience in analytics we've built a range of analytical apps and solutions that add real value to our customers and can be rapidly rolled out in a way that avoids long-term high risk implementations.

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