• Roland-Moismann

    Roland Mosimann

    Founding Director & President

  • Steve Whant

    Steve Whant

    Founding Director & CFO

  • Patrick Mosimann

    Patrick Mosimann

    Founding Director & CEO

  • William D. Bridgers

    William D. Bridgers

    VP, Business Development

  • Nicolas Meyer

    Nicolas Meyer


  • Rik Bosman

    Rik Bosman

    Associate Partner

  • Karel Leeflangr

    Karel Leeflang

    Associate Partner

  • David Crout

    David Crout

    Associate Partner

Associate Partners

Technology Partners


Case Studies


Cost-to-serve: Profitability beyond gross margin

Using a practical cost-to-serve methodology gave us a full transparency over true product customer profitability. It has....


Big Data Challenges: E-Commerce

Dealing with a ‘data-lake’ and getting the right insights in a market that is rapidly changing can be overwhelming,....


Product Tail Rationalization

The ability to deliver not only on a detailed SKU rationalization program, in an extremely broad SKU portfolio that work....

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