Integrate diverse and complex data, shaping it to fit a specific business problem

Enrich data with business judgement and data science to deliver action from insights

Embed your insights directly into the decision-making processes for high ROI


Our packaged Applications are built to solve specific business problems. The data, analysis, visualization, user experience and workflow is largely pre-defined and ready to go with only minor configuration required. Their use is clear and they are fast to deploy.


Our Solution Accelerators are based on our extensive library of algorithms, analytic data structures, ETL’s and visual designs organized by industry and business problem areas.

These enable us to accelerate the process of defining and delivering your solution and ensures that there′s no re-inventing of the analytics wheel.


We blend data science with business expertise to deliver practical and innovative analytics services.

Whether you’re looking to rent-a-data scientist to solve a complex problem or develop your analytics strategy, we deliver sustained value with real business impact for all your analytic needs.

Latest blog posts

Tesco & Unilever: Brexit or a lesson in pricing?

Over the last 24 hours I’ve heard all the debate, yet I still haven’t fully understood why I can no longer order my Marmite online. As we all know, a Marmite lover will pay over the...


Leadership = Alignment

What does alignment mean? If I put my communications hat on, it means we’re all singing off the same page. If I put my digital hat on, it can mean something akin to...

Confidence bands for Population Total / Sample Total

Using Simulation to Determine Sample Sizes for a Study of Store Sales

Suppose a client wants to estimate the total sales value of widgets in a large number of stores. To do this, they will survey a sample of that population of stores. You need to provide the client...

Drawing a Grid of Plots in R

Drawing a Grid of Plots in R — Regression Lines, Loess Curves and More

We provide here an R function that draws a grid of plots, revealing relationships between the variables in a dataset and a given target variable. Scatterplots in the grid include regression...

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